Lang Strategies Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Lang Strategies? A top-performing business advisory and leadership consulting organization leveraging decades of experience to partner with clients to strategically build their business and enhance their efficiency through innovative, customer-centric practice areas with proven success rates.
  2. When and where was the organization founded? Lang Strategies was founded in Washington, DC and began its business operations in April 2014.
  3. How many employees work at Lang Strategies? We have a team of seven experts from different professional backgrounds that include non-profit organizations, government entities and corporations, offering a broad, diverse knowledge base with shared expertise in problem solving.
  4. What kind of work does Lang Strategies do on behalf of its clients? Lang Strategies offers two main practice areas for its clients: Business Services, which includes operational support and process improvement, strategic market assessments and executive leadership training; and Strategic Alliances, including customer relations management, business development and political strategy. Both practice areas are customized for each client based on their specific goals.
  5. Why would my business need to engage in this kind of work? You may have a strong business model and strategic plan, but sometimes that is not enough to grow your business. We can help your leadership connect more effectively with employees to increase efficiency, productivity fostering a more cohesive work environment. We also work with clients to ensure operational excellence and improve processes that may waste time and financial resources. Our team of experts also supports you and your connection to customers, cultivating business opportunities and strengthening partnerships to help you build your business and sustain success.
  6. What makes Lang Strategies different than other firms that do this kind of work? What differentiates Lang Strategies from other firms doing similar work is its tailored approach to meet the specific goals and objectives of its clients, including targeted communication to key audiences and decision makers, customized tools to evaluate operations and work flow, and leveraging team-building sessions to address issues that the organization needs to solve. While many companies engage their CEO later in the process, Managing Principal and CEO Barbara Lang collaborates with her team and the client in all initial meetings, forms relationships with leadership and project managers and is kept involved in the process until the very end to ensure the highest quality of work in a timely manner.
  7. How do you leverage your expertise to gain results for your clients? We are a small firm with a team that offers a diverse set of backgrounds including leadership development, operational excellence, human resources and marketing. In addition, unlike larger firms our managing principal and CEO Barbara Lang is intimately involved with client work from the very beginning of the journey until we exceed all of your expectations. Barbara also has vast connections in DC and throughout the country which fosters collaboration and maximizes resources to pinpoint your organization’s needs and fix the issues that may inhibit your full growth potential.
  8. How is your DC location beneficial to client work? Located in the Nation’s Capital, we have resources at our fingertips that other markets just cannot offer, including access to key government decision makers, close proximity to national organizations, and a network of partners with whom we have worked for many years. This saves time and money when it comes to meetings and strategy sessions because most of the time we don’t need to board a plane to serve our clients. We leverage the resources right here in our backyard.
  9. How will the Lang Strategies team ensure all of my expectations are met?  The key to success in our client work is engagement and communication early and often. We will sit down with you, strategically map out our plan, and based on your feedback and our insight will build a model that is directly aligned with your needs as an organization. We also schedule regular touchpoints to a) ensure we meet your expectations throughout the partnership, b) report our progress on the project and gather client feedback, and c) based on progress and evolution of the initiative, incorporate updates to the roadmap as appropriate.
  10. Whom should I contact to learn more about partnership opportunities with Lang Strategies? You can reach out directly to Barbara Lang at [email protected]