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Labor of Love: DC Business Leader Barbara Lang Publishes First Book

‘Madame President’ Offers Lessons in Leadership, Perspective on Life

When Barbara Lang set forth to write a book about her vast personal and professional life experiences, she wasn’t sure exactly what the final product would look like. But the Managing Principal and CEO of DC-based Lang Strategies knew she would pour her heart into it and that the words would be authentic. The book is now online and offers some of Lang’s most personal moments during an esteemed career and life as an African American woman.

“I don’t pretend to have all of the answers to life and business, but I do hope that readers can take away some pieces of the book that are relatable to their lives, and inspires them to truly make a difference,” says Lang. “Much of what I discuss in the book comes from the heart and covers parts of business and life that can only be learned through experience, of which I have plenty.”

Serving for 13 years as President and CEO of the DC Chamber of Commerce and before that as an executive at Fannie Mae, Lang has become an inspirational leader in the District and beyond. With COVID-19, recent corporate scandals and the upheaval in our national politics, the business world is ready for a return to a more human-centered culture. The goal of the book is to highlight that people don’t have to be like everyone else to be effective leaders and make a difference.

“I hope readers can learn from some of my challenges in the book and how I handled some well and others I would have done differently,” adds Lang. “I am fortunate enough as a woman of color to have a voice, and I want people to look at life through a lens that may be different than what they are used to on a daily basis.”

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