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How Personal Branding through Customer Service – Can Be an Anomaly or an Impact

In American society today, we have opportunities to leave an indelible mark. We are fortunate. In some societies, people must focus on mere survival, worried about securing life’s bare necessities. Among the most impressive ways to leave a mark is through personal branding. Customer service is not synonymous with personal branding, but it should be. In a word, customer service is an anomaly. It shapes your career as well as your personal and social life. How you serve others reflects on you. Customer service is not difficult, although it is often overlooked and underappreciated. Customer service is not complicated and may be easily applied to our daily lives. It is so fundamental to the core of your brand because it is a measure of a person, who makes the extra effort, the extra force to do what they believe is right, and not only for a reward or accolades. We all can remember times when we confronted a tough situation and someone unexpectedly came to our aid. What about having a difficult task made easier because someone assisted on the job? Or when an individual introduces you to someone who can help solve an issue? Or when you are confused on a particular subject and someone takes the time to explain it? Or just someone returning your call because they said they would? The most memorable are those random acts by someone who goes above and beyond, who does what they said they would do without complaining. If more people adopt this ethos of Customer service and act on it daily, think about the impact your personal brand could make on society.