Press Release: American Business Firm Sees Economic Growth From Europe In Light of Political and Financial Volitility

American Business Firm Sees Economic Growth From Europe In Light of Political and Financial Volatility

Washington, D.C-base Lang Strategies Leads European Trade Mission in Quest to Expand Foreign Business Opportunities for U.S Markets


Washington, D.CFinancial markets in the Eurozone experienced bouts of economic uncertainty and volatility following approval of the Brexit vote according to the International Monetary Fund’s latest outlook report. Moody’s Investors Service recent financial markets update reports, “The strengthening of nationalistic and protectionist could have a detrimental effect on the EU, even threatening its existence.” Barbara Lang, chief executive officer of Lang Strategies and her partners at Marazzi and Advisors see a window of opportunity for U.S. and European businesses, “It’s true, the dollar is stronger since the Brexit vote, which makes trade with the U.S. more expensive. But the stability of the U.S. economy makes it a prime market for European countries interested in shoring up their business at a time of uncertainty in Europe.”

Lang Strategies will lead a seven-day U.S. trade mission to Italy from October 1 to October 7, 2016. The mission is focused on increasing interest, investment and expanding business development on both sides of the Atlantic for local governments and companies. Economic leaders from Arlington and Montgomery Counties in the D.C. metropolitan area and officials from the state of Connecticut will round out the American trade delegation. Members of the trade delegation will target a number of industries: Italian aerospace, biotech, IT/cyber security, renewable and clean energy sectors, marine/high-end design yacht firms, and agriculture and food economic clusters with interest in the U.S. markets.

While not widely recognized by U.S. citizens, the U.S. Department of Commerce data indicates that foreign direct investment in U.S. cities and states is one of the country’s biggest generators for economic growth and jobs. According to the William Mauldin’s June 20 blog in the Wall Street Journal, Globalization Gets a Bum Rap, But Foreign Investments in U.S. Hits a Record High, “… the weakness on the international scene is actually helping the U.S. whose slow-but steady economic growth helps make a better investment case than many other big countries can offer, especially when low energy costs and other potential benefits are factored in.” Lang Strategies’ International Business Development and Cultural Transition Services arm is working with U.S. states and counties eager to attract European companies to set up shop in the U.S. to take advantage of a stable U.S. economy. According to one of Lang’s Italian clients, “We’ll soon be opening offices in the U.S even though the dollar is much stronger against the lire, because America creates a sense of stability for my business.”

Barbara Lang will address the Italian parliament about the importance of business expansion during a time of economic uncertainty. She has also been asked to address business students at the University of Pavia.

Lang, formerly president of a major city Chamber of Commerce, District of Columbia, says, “global trade is important. Business is taking a big ‘hit’ right now but if wages are to increase and product price are to be kept as low and competitive as possible, we must expand our business ‘footprint’ at home and abroad.

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