Lang Strategies, LLC Navigates the Political Landscape to Ensure Your Voice is Heard

The political landscape in Washington, DC and nationally are often unstable and uncertain. At Lang Strategies, LLC we cut through the political clutter and work with key decision-makers to ensure they work in the best interests of your business.

The CEO of Lang Strategies, LLC, Barbara B. Lang, leads this practice area. As president and CEO of the District of Columbia Chamber of Commerce over the past 12 years, Barbara has a proven track record of success in the public policy and advocacy arenas. With a diverse team of professionals from a variety of backgrounds, Lang Strategies, LLC utilizes its expertise to:

  • Research client issues and impact political and societal trends
  • Help you answer the key questions that make or break your business position:
    • Where are we?
    • Where do we want to be?
    • How do we get there?
  • Determine how to neutralize opposing positions, the impact your stance has on the community and how it benefits your organization and constituents
  • Develop an appropriate media plan and advance your policy and/or economic agenda
  • Engage the proper resources to execute the plan (lobbyist, media specialist, community organizer, etc.)

Barbara’s expertise comes from extensive campaign experience on such issues including minimum wage, tax reform, workforce preparedness and education reform, to name just a few. She successfully operates at the highest level of business, government, politics and media, and is eager to partner with you to change the landscape in Washington, DC and beyond. For more information on our political management strategies work, contact us.