Do you want to become a more effective leader and unleash your potential for professional and personal growth? Now is the time to take control of your career, create change, and maximize results for you and your team. It starts with you and Lang Strategies……TODAY.

Relaunch of our innovative, results-driven Executive Coaching and Leadership Program includes the following tools you need to lead your organization:

We offer you:

• Individualized and specialized personal coaching.
• Expertise in change and operations management.
• Decades of experience from our team dedicated to your success.

Our engagement continues until we reach your goals, including:

• Clear self-awareness of strengths and opportunities for improvement.
• Clarify and achieve development goals to unlock the potential for success.
• Engage personal coach as a sounding board and build a plan for future growth and development.

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LangLeaderClass Course


Leadership, Vision, Results

Challenges Foster Opportunities — Are the economic ramifications of the pandemic negatively impacting your organization? This module offers strategies and insights to not only help you survive the current situation but change the way you work to flourish and sustain your operations. You have questions, we have answers.


The Superhero Turnaround – Is your organization or business struggling financially, and maybe even on the brink of severe economic hardship? Hope is not lost. We’ll introduce you to new and innovative ways to recalibrate your operations, build a culture of sustainability, and reinvigorate your staff and partners to maximize your opportunities to get back on track.


2nd Act Takes Center Stage — Are you seeking a change after a long career in a specific sector? Is “retirement” a bad word, knowing you will never truly slow down? You have incredible years and opportunities ahead of you. We will let you know how to find the next great life journey and what to expect during the transition.


Re-entering the Marketplace: Your Organization’s New Beginning — What changes can you expect within your organization as you get back to the office or continue working virtually? Your employees will all react differently, and the culture you created may need a reset. We’ll highlight ways to ease the transition and enhance your business development and operations.


Power Struggles and Keeping the Peace – How have your employees’ mindset changed over the past several months? People have more stress and possibly more financial responsibilities, and also a lot on their minds which could impact production. We’ll help you navigate the gaps and how to best interact with your team to ensure collaboration remains, morale is high and the work gets done.


Leveraging Communications During a Crisis – What’s your communication style during a crisis? Do you haphazardly send out information, go silent or go on the offensive? This module highlights how you can plan and inform while being efficient and transparent. You will learn how to create appropriate messaging, when and when not to share information and how to position yourself as a trusted leader that builds your credibility as an organization once the crisis situation subsides.


Working from Home: Balance and Boundaries — Does your home office space turn into your kids’ play area while you are still working? Let’s focus on how you can still have a work-life balance while you work from home, and ensure you are even more efficient in your workspace than ever before. You will be happier, more productive, and a better spouse/parent.


LangLeaderClass Course