Executive Coaching and Leadership

Executive Coaching and Leadership: Maximize employee production – Grow and retain business – Create a world-class organizational culture

Creating a culture of leadership, confidence and trust within your organization is a model for sustainable success, and it starts at the top. It could take just one interaction with an employee or client to determine whether or not the partnership is a long-term success. You shouldn’t guess what works and what doesn’t. There is strategy involved, and we are here to guide you in the following areas of Executive Coaching and Leadership:

Market and Brand Yourself as a Leader

Now that you have your dream job leading an organization, it’s important that you remain in that position and impact the work and mission. Of course, even if you are the head, that doesn’t mean you stop developing, and it is vital that you look and act like the leader. Lang works with executives on soft skills including daily interactions that can enhance relationships and build trust among your colleagues. We’ll also partner with you to develop winning presentations that inspire and engage employees and clients. Your success will also be contingent upon whether or not you align with the right types of organizations to further your mission. Lang knows the business, community and political landscape to ensure you are affiliated with groups that help you grow.

Build a World-Class Culture

We’ll partner with you to create a culture of relationship excellence for your employees and empower them to reach their full potential, serving as key contributors in a team-oriented environment. Lang strategizes to position employees as “brand ambassadors” who build a collaborative environment through team and individual achievement and development. We look at an organization’s work and employee base and create new and insightful ways to achieve organizational excellence that delivers sustainable results. When you succeed, we continue our partnership so that you continue to build momentum and create a foundation that serves your partners for generations.

Create Leadership Value

Often times a leader’s success is not only based on their own work, but also that of their organizational team. As the head of an organization, your senior and middle management will take their lead from you, so it is vital you are prepared to guide decisions, create empowerment, engage employees and build credibility for your strategies and direction. When your team sees your value as a leader, they will align with you and work to ensure you and the organization succeed. Your management style must align with company culture to build a leadership foundation that sets the organization on a path to value for your constituents. Lang works with executives to ensure they are effective at strategic thinking, implementation, effective communication and persuasion to build credibility and earn your team’s respect.

Leverage Negotiations

Whether you are negotiating an important contract for your organization or integrating a new hire, what you say, how you say it and how you leverage the situation will determine the outcome. It is vital that you are strong and persuasive but also work within the parameters of company culture, know the facts and present your ideas in an organized and concise manner that is easy to understand. Lang will help you with effective communication and negotiation techniques and strategies that will enhance your confidence and drive success.