Reports & Publications

Reports & Publications

The DC Chamber researches, develops and advocates for public policies that contribute to the economic success of our city and generate economic opportunity for businesses and residents. Our publications provide clarity and insight into the role of business in the DC economy.

Recent DC Chamber Reports

  • The State of Business in the District of Columbia analyzes the 20 years (August 1997 to August 2017) of reform and transformation in the District since the enactment of The National Capital Revitalization and Self-Government Improvement Act of 1997.

  • Program Booklet

  • The External Report of Growth and Retention Strategies for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses in DC evaluates specific to trends and growth factors that are germane to businesses with 50 to 150 employees. (2017)

Reports From Our Partners

  • DC Mayor Muriel Bowser released this year’s Green Book: SBE Opportunity Guide. The Green Book helps SBEs navigate the local government procurement process by providing an agency-by-agency overview of SBE spending availability, and the online platform allows SBEs to search for opportunities.
  • DC’s Economic Strategy is Mayor Muriel Bowser’s vision for how Washington, DC, can become the global model for inclusive prosperity and resilience, showing how diversity and innovation can drive equitable economic growth. (2017)
  • 2017-2021 Strategic Plan: Vision, Values and a Culture of Continuous Improvement from the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) outlines the priorities and direction of the OCFO over the next five years. The 2017 plan has been updated to reflect the many accomplishments from our 2014 Strategic Plan. (2017)
  • The National League of Cities 2017 City Fiscal Conditions survey of city finance officers reveals the start of fiscal contraction in the municipal sector following several years of post-recession growth. Several major findings taken together signal a slowdown on the horizon, including waning confidence of city finance officers, slowing local revenue and spending trends and insufficient post-recession revenue recovery. (2017)
  • Innovation Space and Marketplace Report: Developing a Makerspace in the District assesses the opportunity for establishing an Innovation Space and Marketplace as a District-sponsored initiative to support the local maker community, particularly businesses registered in the Made in DC Program. (2017)
  • Pathways to Inclusion, Expanding the District of Columbia’s Tech and Innovation Ecosystem provides a roadmap to create an inclusive ecosystem where the technology and innovation can grow and benefit residents in all of DC’s eight wards. (2016)
  • Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act, Unified State Plan, 2016-2020 presents a four-year workforce development strategy for DC’s workforce and adult education system (2016).