DC Health Link

DC Health Link

DC Health Link is the on-line health insurance marketplace for residents and small businesses in the District of Columbia.   Established to get people covered and provide transparency, encourage market competition, and simplify the purchase of insurance, providing residents and small businesses the type of market power only large employers had in the past. The Health Exchange Program is a private-public partnership and the DC Chamber provides assistance, education and outreach to small businesses to secure quality and affordable health care coverage for their employees. visit www.dchealthlink.com. 

For more information contact Margaret Singleton, 202.347-7201 x1236 or [email protected].

DC Health Link Healthy Businesses of the Month

Premium Title & Escrow, LLC Business Of The Month

Premium Title & Escrow, LLC is a full-service title company that conducts commercial and residential real estate settlements in DC, MD and VA. Located in Ward 1 – Columbia Heights, Premium Title & Escrow has consistently been listed as one of Washington’s Top 10 Title Companies for over 10 years according to the Washington Business Journal.
Premium Title & Escrow has 18 employees and has been a satisfied customer of DC Health Link since 2015. Owner & President Benjamin Soto, Esquire states: “Our employees are equally as important as our customers. I consider it vital that we keep our employees happy and one of the ways we do so is to pay for their health insurance. DC Health Link does a great job in providing great health insurance products at affordable rates.”

Presidential Dental Group (PDG) Business of the Month

Presidential Dental Group (PDG) is a female-owned dental practice located in the Ward 2 downtown neighborhood of Washington, DC, just blocks from the White House.
The practice has been owned by native Washingtonian, Ivory L. Hancock, DMD since 2010 and was founded in 2006 by Dr. Hancock’s mentor.
The PDG team combines industry-leading dentistry and patient-focused touch to deliver quality and worthwhile experience to clients.
The practice currently has a staff of six employees. Our experience has been that DC Health Link provides exemplary customer service. Our motto is “A successful business depends on a healthy staff.”

New Columbia Solar (NCS) Business of the Month

New Columbia Solar (NCS) is transforming how communities across the District of Columbia are powered and hopes to inspire every city in the world to follow in their footsteps. While solar energy is gaining prominence around the world, New Columbia Solar couldn’t be more excited about the potential in their own backyard.

New Columbia Solar’s mission is to make it as easy as humanly possible for DC residents and businesses to benefit from solar energy.  Currently, they work with Schools, Nonprofits, Multifamily Housing, Commercial Buildings, Small Businesses and Churches throughout the District.

Founded in 2016, New Columbia Solar is a CBE located in the heart of Union Market in Ward 5. As a company, NCS has been involved with over 10MW of constructed solar, making it one of the leading commercial solar developers in the Nation’s capital. They have a staff of 35 individuals, the majority of whom are D.C. residents. “We are proud to take care of our staff by providing them with the insurance they need. DC Health Link has helped to streamline this process and make it easy for our team to be covered” said Michael Healy, CEO of New Columbia Solar. 

Urban Ed Business Of The Month

Urban Ed is an educational non-profit organization whose mission is to provide District of Columbia children, youth and adults with technology-driven education, information and skill development for sustained futures. The organization is located in the heart of historic Anacostia, DC in the ward 8 community.   Urban Ed offers IT workforce development via career pathways as well as technology programs to reduce truancy in middle schools and advance low-performing children toward academic success.


Urban Ed has five employees and has been providing full health coverage for over the past 10 years. Through DC HealthLink, the organization has offered a solid employer-sponsored base plan to its employees as well as additional affordable options to include company-paid dental and vision. “We know that healthy employees are productive employees and given the importance of the work we do to transform lives, being a part of DC HealthLink to provide options and easy access for our staff is invaluable,” says Roxanne J. Williams, Urban Ed’s founder and President. “The investment is a small fraction of the cost compared to the loss in productivity and lack of outcomes when employees get sick and do not have adequate coverage.”

L.S. Caldwell Business Of The Month

S. Caldwell & Associates, Inc. (LSC), located in Ward 4 in the 16th Street Heights neighborhood, was incorporated in 1991 as a full-service employment and contracting compliance consulting firm. During their 25-plus years serving clients in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia, LSC has become recognized within the business community as an expert in the development, implementation, oversight and monitoring of Subcontracting, Employment and Community Awareness (CAP) Compliance Programs for public and private sector clients.

Starting with being the first business to support the DC Department of Employment Services’ One City One Hire program, LSC has continued to participate in numerous economic development initiatives with public and private sector agencies and organizations in the District.  As part of their area of expertise, LSC has also assisted many small businesses with certification as local (CBE), minority owned (MBE), and disadvantaged (DBE) business enterprises to enhance economic development opportunities and increase access to employment prospects for a myriad of constituents.

In order to attract and retain the most qualified personnel, LSC strives to offer a robust employee benefits package, including medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as supplemental health insurance, life and disability coverage for staff and their dependents.

LSC became a member of DC Health Link for group medical insurance coverage during their most recent annual renewal cycle. The switch to DC Health Link has greatly increased the variety of plans for employees, enabling them to pick the right balance of premiums, deductibles, and benefits to meet their individual and family needs at a cost savings. It has also reduced the company’s cost and administrative burden, while better engaging employees in understanding their options and  plan selections.

“We have been very pleased with the service, benefits and increased flexibility that being a DC Health Link member provides”, says President, Loretta S. Caldwell.

Seaberry Design and Communications, LLC Business of the Month

Seaberry Design and Communications, LLC is a graphic design and marketing communications firm located in Ward Two, in the historic Dupont Circle District of Columbia.
We are communication designers helping our clients do their best work in the marketplace — communicating their best intentions. We design connections and relationships to products and services that positively impact the lives of customers.
The award-winning Seaberry team is comprised of 11 proven professionals who design powerful brands, publications, advertising, digital and print campaigns, and other collateral that advance our clients’ initiatives.
Since 2017 We have been providing health benefits to our employees through DC Health Link. Part of maintaining a healthy workplace is to provide employees with healthcare choices that meet their needs and the needs of their families. DC Health Link is the best fit for us — offering a variety of health insurance plans that are affordable for our employees and our business.

DP Consultants, Inc. (DPC) Business of the Month

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in downtown Washington, D.C.’s Ward 2, DP Consultants, Inc. (DPC) is a government relations woman-owned consulting firm specializing in community engagement, public outreach, stakeholder coordination, and event planning. With more than twenty-four years of experience in government and public relations, DPC employs a diverse team of 9 professional consultants who deliver creative solutions for challenging communication and public involvement situations.

DPC’s mission is to deliver professional and creative solutions for challenging communication and public involvement situations in a timely and cost-effective manner. Tailored to the meet the need of each client, DPC utilizes state of the art media and communication tools to heighten awareness of client projects impacting communities and neighborhoods to inform and respond to the concerns of citizens and key stakeholders. DPC has garnered a keen understanding of client challenges and needs through unparalleled involvement in numerous economic development and infrastructure improvement projects that impact a myriad of communities and stakeholders.

Since 2016, DPC has been a member of DC Health Link. President and owner Diane Pratt expressed, “we are happy that our employees can customize their healthcare insurance plans to fit their individual needs.”

ZaneNet Business of the Month

ZaneNet is a small business that solves complex problems in the areas of health information technology, healthcare management and consulting, software and application development and audio and video teleconference services. Their clients include federal, state and district agencies, healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, universities, Military Treatment Facility and associations.

Their mission is to expand equitable access to healthcare through technology, communication and services. ZaneNet, founded in 2000, is a certified EDWOSB and CBE company with 20 employees headquartered in Ward 2. ZaneNet recently received a Certificate of Appreciation award from the DC Department of Employment Services for providing workforce development opportunities to DC residents. As a healthcare company, they are very aware of the importance of providing comprehensive health insurance coverage for employees. As of June 1, 2018, ZaneNet joined DC Health Link and employees and management find the program to be user friendly and offers more comprehensive coverage than the company’s previous health insurance plan.

Providence Opticians Designer Eyewear, Inc. Business Of The Month

Providence Opticians Designer Eyewear is a family owned business located in the Ward 5 Brookland/Catholic University neighborhood.

The business was launched in 1979 by two friends, Edward Winslow and Robert Mitchell, who were former employees of Sterling Optical in downtown, DC.  Eventually, Edward Winslow with the support of his family and a friend took over the business, which continued to flourish with his son Kyle, the current owner, joining the company and becoming a master optician.

The company offers a full range of optical services including eye examinations, eyeglasses and contact lens.  All lens work is performed in house.

Kyle and his sister, Tuesday Winslow, continue to operate under the model they learned from their father “sell eyewear first to educate the consumer, offering the highest quality frames and lens with integrity and courteous service”. 

Providence Opticians has a staff of 3 full time and 2 part-time employees who have been covered by DC Health Link for 4 years.  They are pleased with the service they receive from DC Health Link which enables them to continue the family’s tradition of providing good, quality care for those who serve you.  

Their motto is “DC Health Link Keeps It Simple”.

OIC Business Of The Month

The Opportunities Industrialization Center of Washington DC (OIC/DC) is a 501c3 non-profit, community based organization with more than 51 years of experience as a contractor with federal and District government agencies and the private sector to provide job training and placement services for youth and adults. OIC/DC has three sites: two located in Ward 8 and one in Ward 1.OIC/DC is a licensed Post-Secondary Non-Degree Institution. OIC/DC is also a certified Certiport Testing Center.

OIC/DC’s mission is to work with the government, private sector, community, employers and disadvantaged youth and adults to both prepare people to successfully enter and remain in the workforce and to meet employers’ needs for qualified workers. Our core activities combine an array of workforce, education and support services and programs that focuses on workforce preparation. OIC/DC is a part of a national network of OIC’s that provide workforce development services in more than 45 cities around the country. This network allows OIC/DC to have a direct “pipeline” to “best practices” in employment and training.

OIC/DC has 27 employees and offers quality health coverage that is affordable and easily accessible. OIC/DC has been a proud customer of DC Health Link since 12/1/2015 (2 years).

CODICE Business Of The Month

CODICE is an information technology and operations consulting firm focused on delivering customized, high-quality solutions to government agencies, corporations, and non-profit organizations. CODICE’s services include a broad spectrum of IT, healthcare project administration, compliance, business process outsourcing, and talent management solutions.

Headquarters in Ward 5, CODICE was established in 2009 and is recognized as having a high-quality, multidisciplinary team that brings key experience and skillsets from prominent technology firms, healthcare organizations, and government administrations.  Their results-based approach is employed by more than a dozen government agencies and some of the nation’s leading corporations including the D.C. Department of Health, D.C. Department of Education, Maximus and many more.

The CODICE team, comprised of 48 full-time employees, provides supplement resources for their clients’ existing IT and operational staffs, and provides fully outsourced functions. The team includes subject matter experts in healthcare, education and social programs; enterprise architects; database administrators; software developers and testers; business analysts; help desk technical support staff; project managers and quality engineers.

CODICE is led by Dash Kiridena, a financial and operations expert with more than 25-years’ experience in the healthcare and technology industries, including serving as the Director of Medicaid Recovery for the District of Columbia Public Schools. Dash believes in recruiting a diverse, top tier talent pool and providing them with training and professional development opportunities, so they can excel. As a company working within many aspects of the healthcare sector, CODICE believes in providing its employees with quality healthcare coverage and choices. Since 2015, CODICE has provided comprehensive medical and dental coverage through DC Health Link.