October 2017

October 14, 2017

How Personal Branding through Customer Service – Can Be an Anomaly or an Impact

In American society today, we have opportunities to leave an indelible mark. We are fortunate. In some societies, people must focus on mere survival, worried about securing life’s bare necessities. Among the most impressive ways to leave a mark is through personal branding. Customer service is not synonymous with personal branding, but it should be. In a word, customer service is an anomaly. It shapes your career as well as your personal and social life. How you serve others reflects on you. Customer service is not difficult, although it is often overlooked and underappreciated. Customer service is not complicated and may be easily applied to our daily []
October 14, 2017

Leading from the front

We have all witnessed over the past year an absence of strong leadership, effective communications, and compassion for others – whether it be the national dialogue on race relations in our country, the heighten saber rattling in our interactions with North Korea, or just dealing with colleagues on the ups and downs of running an effective organization to achieve common goals.  Added to this:  making substantive change in the midst of chaos and confusion.   There was a recent incident at an air force cadet training facility where 4 young African American cadets were singled out with racial slurs.  See []